Indoor tennis in London


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(I am aware there is a similar thread but it is old and doesn't address all of my criteria. I was unable to find definitive information online (including the LTA site).)

I'm in London in December with a friend and would like to play. Given the weather and the fact we'll be travelling we'd like to play at a court that satisfies the following criteria:
  • Indoor
  • Pay to play (not free or membership required)
  • Rackets available to hire (preferably current demo-esque frames, not dedicated cheap hire racquets in poor condition if possible)
Does anyone know of any such locations in London?

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Islington Tennis Centre is probably the closest to the City - 6 indoor courts but I don’t know if they hire out rackets though...


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Given the timing of your visit, keep an eye out for David Lloyd offers. They're a membership chain with clubs all round the country, but frequently offer a 14 day trial membership in December for extremely reasonable rates - it's usually something like £20 for the duration.

For racquets, your best bet might be finding a local shop that offers a demo programme. Perhaps not the most ethical approach when you have no intention of buying, so maybe clear your conscience by buying a couple of cans of balls from them at prices that will make your eyes water.