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    Apr 3, 2007
    I had my share of injuries in my lifetime and sometimes it's wierd that when i get hurt in a certain area I should really rest it until it fully heals and i understand why i should. However recently i injured my wrist and it got really bad that i couldn't really move it much.. but weather was so tempting that i wore a brace and played casually and next thing you know the pain subsided the next day.. Usually when i have pain and i don't play a lot it seems to still have pain... shouldn't it be the opposite where pain lessens where i rest it while pain gets worse when i don't?

    OR do you think it's one of those muscle spasm type things where maybe playing it out had the blood circulate better and actually massage that area? I'm just confused because some injuries i totally have to rest it and not move it at all.. but some like i mentioned just seem to get better when moving it around ....
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    Pains that get better with use (I am not sure I would put your experience into that group) does imply that it is of muscle origin, since as you mention, they can warm up and loosen with use.

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