input from Fischer users?

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    Jun 4, 2007
    What racket do you use, what are your comments of it?
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    Jul 8, 2006
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    I've used a few types of Fischer rackets. Liked them all (they were all "high end" rackets, none of the recreational crap)
    - Fischer Pro Classic 90 (Stich frame) - very VERY precise, control second to none, great maneuverability for the 330 grams (unstrung) weight, lacks some power but is the best volleying stick I've used (ever !).

    - Fischer Pro no 1 98 (red black white cosmetic) - Good all court racket, smallish sweet spot, medium stiffness, pretty low swing weight for the weight (330 grams unstrung). The most powerful Fischer I've used.

    - MSpeed Pro no 1 98 - great all court stick, bigger sweet spot than it's previous version, more flexible, excellent feel/feedback. Could use some more put away power, but you can't beat that maneuverability. If one wants more power, a few grams of lead in the hoop will do it...but it will also affect maneuverability.
    -VT Pro 98 (forgot about this one) - the first generation of Pro no 1 type frame. Same comments as the MSpeed, but with a higher SW and a slightly crisper feel. Great frame.
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    Hi -

    I've used the following

    Fischer Pro no 1 98 (red black cosmetic before the MSpeed) and are my current frames since October.
    * Good all court racket - For me, it's better from the baseline than at net. Also pretty good for serving.
    * Average sweet spot - a bit unforgiving towards the edges (yes I do hit there every so often! :))
    *Medium stiffness, not a lot of feel compared to some RDX 500 MPs or PS I've owned. I've had some wrist and elbow issues prior to getting this frame and actually am having no problems with either joint. It's not what I would call arm-friendly, but it is arm-neutral and that is probably all I need.
    *Pretty low swing weight (320 grams unstrung). The tip is the widest part and I think one can feel this during a swing. I used the PS 6.0 95 before this and that was more headlight and maneuverable.
    * Good power - wasn't a poly fan before but I think it is working pretty good in the frame

    MSpeed Pro no 1 98 - I had four last year when I was in a frame funk and maybe gave up on them too soon as the grip shape really threw me intially and it was getting near USTA league time. Take my comments for what they are worth
    * Similar comfortable feel like the RDX 500 MP and better feel than my Pro 1; however, I thought it flexed more and actually was annoying when trying to peg a shot down the line. It really felt like it was "bending"
    * Did not serve very good for me. Seemed to lack mass or stiffness like the 500 RDX MP.
    * Definitely an all court stick and the sweet spot seemed adequate.
    * Maneuverability is better than my Pro 1s but I like the pop I am getting with mine on returns and serves.
    * I wouldn't mind trying it again just to see if the experience changes.
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