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    Was just collating Federer’s grand slam record since 2004 and I stumbled upon an interesting statistic. Be it a 4th round or a semi final (and obviously the finals!!!), he has always lost only to the eventual champion. What that demonstrates is that unless his path collides with someone who gets possessed for those two weeks, he is sure to have laid his hands on the title… check this out…

    1… 2004 French 4th round - Gustavo Kuerten

    Frankly… I have never seen that match before, but Kuerten had won the French open before that, so I am sure you have to give it to him for winning that match.

    2… 2005 Australian Semi final – Marat Safin

    People who have seen that match will surely agree that Safin (the 2 slam wonder) was really possessed and thirsty for a second slam. Federer played some of his best tennis yet lost in a thrilling 5 setter to Safin, which will go down as one of the best matches ever down under.

    3… 2005 French Semi final – Nadal

    Lets not even discuss this one… The Spaniard rules Paris and only a Soderling could break him there… Federer was lucky (or should I say smart to use his chance) and grab that title this year !

    4… 2008 Australian Semi final – Djokovic

    Djokovic was on (t)songa throughout the tournament and a federer (limping with mono) was just an easy target (ofcourse, I have nothing against djoko for taking credit against his great achievement). Yet, to federer’s credit he did manage to take Djoko to 4 sets, though one could clearly see that he was struggling to run around and reach the ball.

    5… 2008 Wimbledon Final – Nadal

    The lessor said about this ‘historic’ battle the better… Nadal was clearly on top form to beat the 5 time defending ruler of grass…. I am tempted to add here …. Federer should only thank god for the rain in between coz if not for that… Nadal would have wrapped the match in 3 straight humiliating sets (especially after his third set baggle against federer in French open that year !!!)

    6… 2009 Australian Final – Nadal

    After a grueling 5 set semi final, only Nadal could have pulled that rabbit trick by beating Federer in yet another 5 setter within 24 hours… I still remember the pre-match interview where Federer mentioned that he would like Verdasco to make it to the final just because it would be his first slam final… Clearly, Nadal was on Federer’s nerves then… whether we fedex fans like it or not… (obviously, federer has little to care about when he faces Nadal now)

    7… 2009 US final – Del Potro

    If Del Potro could smash Nadal off the park 6-2 6-2 6-2, I am just happy that federer could atleast hold him onto 5 sets… what surprised me was Del Potro hardly showed signs of the 6-2 6-0 6-0 lose to Federer in his last hard court meeting with him !

    Lastly… am sure you guys noticed that I wontedly avoided the three consecutive French open losses to Nadal… but we are talking about the Spaniard on clay… so that says all about it !

    You don’t need records to prove the class of this legend… but such amazing consistent performances only give us federer fans more to cheer and go crazy about this god of tennis ! Go federer go… we would love to see you play more….

    Mahesh Raman

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