Interview with Federer prior to last Sampras Exo

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    R: You're currently playing the last in a series of exhibition matches here in Asia, and we are sitting in Macao for your last one against Pete Sampras. What's the appeal of going up against him because he's been retired for five years and you're the world number one, it hardly seems like a fair fight!

    F: Yea, it's not fair isn't it. But you know, I just started to play some exhibition matches and I actually had the idea, why don't we play against each other because he's still fit enough and good enough to actually really challenge me and so we started practicing really hard and I was like, really worried you know, and cause I have in some ways nothing to gain and he's got everything to win you know, and it's a difficult situation for both of us you know, he doesn't want to be embarrassed on the court, you know, but he did an incredible job so far and honestly the surfaces we've been playing on are really fast, you know its going to be interesting again here and then, maybe we could do it again some other time, maybe in America, or maybe also come back to Asia because I love touring in Asia, it's just wonderful cultures here and such nice people and they're so friendly, it's just really nice.

    R: Do you think though, you could've taken him in his hey day?

    F: Well, big question mark obviously. I think when you're at the top you always feel like you could beat anybody on any day you know, and I think with, if I had started to play well I think I would've beaten him, and he probably thinks the same way as well. The thing with Pete's game, he was so dominant because he had the most incredible serve, he had, I think the best second serve ever in the game so I think it would've been an equal battle maybe. I probably would've had the edge on clay and some of the slower hard courts maybe. But on grass and indoors it would be really really close.

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