Irritating clapping at unforced errors

ron schaap

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It occured to me that a lot of the spectators are clapping and cheering when a competitor against an American player m/f makes an unforced error at the USopen.
This is considered unsportmanship behaviour isnt it? Also there often seems to be a courtside clapper who even keeps on clapping when everyone has stopped. He just stops just before the player is about to serve. This is all so irritating :(
I hope them american players all get out of the tournament soon. sorry.

Kaptain Karl

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To the OP, yes it is poor sportsmanship. I notice it the most in Paris. OZ and the USO are about even with that fan behavior -- although it seems genuinely more FUN in OZ. Fans in Wimbledon do this the least ... unless Murray is playing.


Do you have the same problem with all the cheering when any of Fed's opponents make an unforced error at any tournament he plays in?