Irritation of eyes in indoor court as a result of lights?

Everytime i play in an indoor court (bubble type of court) with the large flood lights my eyes feel weird. Sometimes it feels like they go out of focus (for a split second) randomly (this happens quite a bit, not just once or twice), i have to constantly blink. It is not good because it will happen when im playing a point sometimes, and i lose concentration of the ball.

Anybody understand my weird predicament?


Same thing happens to me too... can't explain why though..


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It is possible that you are experiencing an eye migraine of some sort. Don't let the name migraine fool you -- there is often no headache/pain associated with an eye migraine. Other names for, or types of, eye migraines include ophthalmic migraines, ocular migraines or optical migraines. These migraines are often characterized by a sensitivity to light and some sort of visual disturbance or distortion in one or both eyes. Quite often jagged (zigzag) lines are seen in the field of vision.

Visual disturbances are also seen as an early-warning aura for people that suffer from migraine headaches or epileptic seizures. However, this should not be construed to mean the a visual disturbance due to an eye migraine will lead to a migraine headache or epileptic seizure.

In my case, I would see jagged distortions in both eyes but, if I recall correctly, the zigzag lines would only appear on the left side of my field of vision for each eye. It's not happened for quite a few years but I do remember being sensitive to bright lights. I may have also experienced a bit of eye twitching. Mt eye migraines appeared to be brought on by a combination of stress or lack of sleep, coupled with strenuous exercise and bright artificial lights.

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Another thing to consider is that the lighting at many courts is not optimal.

A problem at some courts is that they have switched over to "high efficiency lighting" that may be a little dim, or have slightly dark spots, or areas where the ball casts multiple shadows. All can make it hard to follow the ball as the lighting changes somewhat on the ball during its path.

Another problem is lights that shine in your eyes. On some balls, like serves, or coming from certain angles there is glare in your eyes that isn't so bad that you can't see the ball, but does make it harder to concentrate. At some couts I actually wear a hat to shield out some of this glare.

And certainly go to an opthalmologist, if you haven't been in a while. Common eye problems, even glaucoma, can first become manifest under the stress of following a small fuzzy yellow ball under suboptimal lighting conditions. And even if you 20/20 vision under normal sunlight, as the pupil dilates for suboptimal lighting, the clarity of vision over a depth of field can diminish, just as a camera's depth of focus can diminish as you go from an F stop of 2 to 20. It's thus possible you could need (new) glasses.
sorry for the slow reply. would wearing proper sunglasses help from this w/e it is?

Lol but wearing sunglasses indoors in the middle of winter is weird.


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sorry for the slow reply. would wearing proper sunglasses help from this w/e it is? ...
Even light-tint sunglasses may cause artificial light to "startburst". Give it try anyway. Perhaps a good night of sleep and decent "artificial tears" eye drops might be a better solution (but stay away from drops with a redness reliever).

I knew a guy in the 80's that wore his sunglasses at night.
Here's that guy: