Is a consistent toss worth it?

Over the summer i spent a long time learning an intense kicker serve (throw ball far back over head). Then recently i learned how to hit a faster less kick second serve (toss ball into court a little). Now my question is should i work at getting all of my serves to have the same toss (alla federer)? Is it worth working at changing my flat serve toss or my kick serve toss? Will it pay off in the long run?
Thanks to whoever responds


The more similar the toss between the diff. kinds of serves, the better you can disguise them :)


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You said now you have 2 kick serves, one toss far back over the head and the other toss more into the court. From your opponent's POV, the toss will look almost the same, unless your stances are different for the 2 serves. I think it is more reasonable to move your toss a little bit than try to hit different serves from the same toss. As long as your different tosses are close enough, your opponent will have hard time reading it.