Is a linear gripper worth the extra money over a rotational gripper?


Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting one of Gamma's professional stringing machines. Can anyone comment on whether the linear gripper is worth the extra money? The 2 machines I'm looking at are the GAMMA 6900 ELS with 6-PT SC Mounting System and the GAMMA 5800 ELS with 6-PT SC Mounting System. Thanks.


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Having used both, I personally prefer linear and would be reluctant to go back to rotational at this point.

That said, I think the general advice will be something like "most people seem to prefer linear, but everyone agrees that a good quality rotational is better than a poor quality linear."

Gamma makes good quality machines, so you'd probably be okay either way. Still, my preference would be linear.
+1 on linear. Linear requires less string. Rotational sometimes may kink the string too (well the poorly designed ones). Also linear pulls faster.