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  1. pheonix6579

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    Oct 26, 2009
    I was looking at the Klipper site about stringing a LM Radical OS. It says that it needs over 40 ft of string for the job. Is that the I need two packs of string for the job?

    I was thinking that the string will stretch (will be using full synthetic gut). So would a one piece job be the best option for this cheap skate? Or can I measure out 23 and 17 and do a two piece job not problem?

    Thanks Guys.
  2. jim e

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    Aug 4, 2007
    You need 21 feet for the mains, and 17 feet for the cross strings.
    That equals 38 feet.This racquet is meant to be strung as 2 pc. as the mains end at the throat.Head is very specific about not stringing the cross strings bottom up. If you want to string as a 1 pc. then you should at least string an ATW pattern, although Head specifically calls for 2 pc. stringing only for this racquet.
    I would string it as 2 pc. as your concern of not enough string is really not a concern, as only 38 feet is necessary.
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  3. Irvin

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    'jim e' is right Head wants all their rackets strung two piece. You could measure off 11' for the short side of your racket and string the mains like you were going to do a one piece. Then when you finish the mains tie off the short and long sides. The you have no waste on the long piece of string to begin your crosses. Start your crosses with a starting knot with a very short tail so you do not waste any string then string your crosses top down. I think you will find you have string left over on the end of the crosses but it may be close.

    But if it were my racket and I was doing it I would use my ATW pattern. with 11' on the short side. Please understand I am not advocating this pattern for Head rackets. But if you want to check first call Head and see if it is ok. The racket no longer has a guarantee so you don't have to worry about that. Just because a manufacturer recommends you do it two piece does not mean you must.

    Prince says all racket MUST be strung top down they make it very clear in all their stringing instructions but I call and doing two piece 50/50 is fine with them. When you start in the middle it is not top down.

    If you would like a video on an ATW pattern here is the only one I use but there are more.

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  4. Radicalized

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    Aug 10, 2010
    You should not need two packages (unless doing a hybrid). I did a stiff poly job on my LM RAD OS the other day, for example, and had about 18" left over on both mains and the crosses. It was strung at 53lbs. There will be much more elongation in a syn. gut. Measure the string before you cut. Most sets I've been using have been 41'6" or so. Don't just go by the "40ft./12m" on the package. With that, I usually cut 23' for the mains and use the remaining 18' or so for the crosses. Using the HEAD stringing instructions: 18M/19C. Start (loop) at racquet head. Mains skip: (counting holes "37 at head" to "1 at throat," L&R, on HEAD instructions) 8T,10T, 29H (L&R), 2-piece, no shared holes. Tie off mains at L&R9 (throat). Tie on crosses at R32 (head) and lace through R29. Tie off crosses at L7 (throat).
  5. wrxtotoro

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    Dec 2, 2008
    I have 3 Radical OS in my closet and all of them need less than 40 feet of string. You just need to divide the 40 feet into 22 + 18. Easier on both main and cross you know...

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