Is a part of Federer's success cemented on Nadal's failure

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    Murray's success is cemented on Nadal's failure. Nadal's beaten Murray three times at Wimbledon - Nadal gets injured, and all of a sudden Murray makes his first final and then wins the Olympics a month later.
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    Jun 14, 2012
    You seem to suggest tha Fed fans are incapable of making decent posts:shock:???

    I have no problems living with the fact that there's a chunk (including you) that do not think he is the best. What a bore this forum would be if everyone went sane and agreed him being the best :)

    On serious note here's a fact that I feel very strongly about:

    - If not for Federer the level of tennis that we see from players like Nadal, Djokovich (of last year), Murray and also to a lesser extent Tsonga, Ferer etc. would not have been there. I believe Federer made these people work harder and become the players that they are.

    - Had it not been for Nadal and Djokovich coming out so strongly we would never have seen a resurgent Federer. Who knows he might have hung up the tennis racket by now. Something inside me tells me that Federer wanted to prove that he can stand amongst these player even when he was past his prime. He wanted to prove badly what so many people say of him (that he is the best). And thats why in last 52 weeks he was able to take his game a level higher. I don't know how long he will be able to sustain it because he is 31 now. But it is a fact that these 52 weeks have added to Federer's legacy more than some of the other 52 weeks where he won more.
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    At first, I thought this thread was legitimate, but then...


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