is a racquet strung 20 times alot?


Not really, I used to string for a D1 team and many of their racquets got restrung weekly. I think it came out to about 15-20 times per semester per racquet (most of them would rotate 3 racquets).
They never noticed any change in feel or racquet performance, and they would use these racquets for 2 years at a time. I personally have racquets that have been strung well over 70 times and they still play great...

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Geez my new frames see that in the first few weeks whilst I am experimenting with string and tension. I continue using the ones I like well into the hundreds of restrings.


No. You're probably not going to hear any other answer. My racket has been strung probably hundreds of times by now. Some other guys, thousands.


Yeah, seems to be general agreement on this topic (shocking, really). I probably get my frames strung 10-15 times a year. And they are all 6-8 years old. So you do the math. They all still work great, by the way.


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No it's not really much... I think that if you play regularly your frame will be strung >20 times a year...

There are many factors but I think that 20/year is normal casual hitters number such as myself...