Is A Zverev Too Tall to be the next Dominant Player?


I have discussed this at length, no pun intended. I may have created a thread about this in the past. Due to his height, his consistency will be hampered as he will always labor with movement fighting his center of gravity with lateral movement is exhausting at 6'6. His ability to change directions quickly especially when coming forward is not ideal. If you bring him closer to baseline with a slice or short ball he becomes very ineffective and far easier to beat in a rally. If he wishes to break through his currently plateau his transition game to net and his ability to play in no mans land must improve


Find the 4-time GS champion in this photo. Does anyone think that Courier could win in the current era? Tennis really has changed.

yeah, Courier would be no match for Stevie Johnson, Sock, Harrison and the rest of the gang that's ushered in this golden era of American tennis


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The ideal height is about 185 cm, and guys Zverev's height very rarely win slams, let alone dominate.

However, NextGen is taller than this one, so who knows.