Is Brad Gilbert the greatest coach/tactician ever?

Cahill coached old Andre for five years (2002-06) and helped get him back to #1. Obviously Andre's form had already been created before Cahill, but he was a great coach for him. I think he's an excellent coach in general, I wish Holger had him instead of Sinner having him.
We'll see how Sinner goes, but I feel like Cahill is too serious and rigid in both his tactics and his personality..... and Sinner has been a choke-artist so far, and I think a more relaxed coach would suit Sinner more. Halep always looked like a stresshead too. And Cahill suited Agassi, because the impulsive Agassi needed to rein-in his game sometimes and be more robotic in his later years to succeed. This is just my impression from hearing Cahill speak in interviews and commentary.
Well he coached some of the folks Brad did with great results. Sometimes you take what the player has and make it a strength. Which is what Brad did...he had no strengths other than junk ball tactics.
I doubt Agassi learned anything new from Cahill. And the most successful period of the 2nd half of Agassi's career was with Brad Gilbert in 1999-2000 (when Agassi won 99 Roland Garros, 99 US Open, 2000 AO, and made the final of 99 Wimbledon).


Marion Vajda’s record looks pretty good. Djokovic is famous for changing his strategy for different opponents and surfaces far more than most baseliners.
It's Marian, though. But yes, he's good.

Tio Tony is pretty good too - never such great results have been created with such a simple strategy. "No Rapha, take that into the other hand. Hit spin, more spin, no?"