Is Delpo's 2017 Season after Davis Cup victory

How many Grand Slams will delpo win in 2017? and which one.

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So, we all know how a Davis Cup title catapulted Djoka and Murray to a new level. Do you guys think Delpo is going to dominate in 2017?

P.S. - Dont mind the 'If' in the heading. :confused:


i actually really think he could win a major in 2017,

went for a wildly optimistic 2 majors even though I feel 1 major will suffice, but its November 30th almost, close season lets go craaaaaaaaaazyyy.

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The game is there, Del Potro beat five of the best nine players this season. Fingers crossed he doesn't go through any more trouble with his body.

I would love to see him triumph at Center Court. :)


I love the guy and I hope he does well. Did not see much of the Davis Cup. How was his backhand?


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If his body holds up, I could see him winning a slam and perhaps the elusive Masters 1000.

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IF he plays a 100% healthy he'll be dangerous at 3 and could definitely see him winning one. But he won't be healthy sadly.


I seem to recall Del Potro underperforming in Australia over the last several years pre-injury. Not sure whether due to injuries, fatigue, or just bad play. Anybody know anything about that?

If his level holds and he remains uninjured, he has the tools and mentality to succeed at any slam. With Wawrinka and to a lesser extent Djokovic being wildcards, this could be his big chance to poach some majors. I'm pulling for the big guy.


I voted zero. Delpo is injury-prone. And, I don't see him winning 7 Bo5 matches. He'll definitely be the player-no-one-wants-to-see in their draws.


USO. I think he has the best chance on hard courts, and I think Murray will take out Australia. Plus, having won there previously has to be a confidence boost.


0, because sadly I think he'll get an injury again. He has game enough, and I hope he can do it, but I'm not sure he can still play an entire season (almost) fully fit and have enough form/momentum/fitness to win 7 best-of-5 matches.

But who knows. Wawrinka did it at the USO this year with a pretty lame season overall.
While I am not sure how his body will handle the climate in Australia right now, I could for sure see him being a contender for the US Open next year IF he stays injury free and continues in the direction he is going in. He could also be a dark horse of sorts with the right draw at the French..however I see the US Open being more likely


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He needs to have a real power hitting backhand. If he gets it and goes down the line as he used to, he can become unstoppable.


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I think he could win one in 2017 if he stays healthy. I agree with other posters that it will probably be the AO or the USO but the man can play anywhere.


I think Fed and Delpo should join forces for the upcoming season...split the majors. One guy focuses on winning, the other guy takes out the competition by whatever legal or illegal means necessary.
Hahaha -- Nadal is too focused on his hair...!! Djoka on his brain..!! So there could be a possibility..!!