Is Djokovic an indirect beneficiary of 2020 US Open final outcome?

Is Djokovic a beneficiary of 2020 USO final?

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It is hard to deny that Zverev has helped Djokovic to dominate in 2021.

Basically that famous ultrachoke in 2020 USO final was a blessing for Djokovic. Since then Thiem is in a downward spiral. He is no longer a real threat in ATP badly lacking a motivation.


Zverev defeating Thiem at 2020 USO would have created:
- Thiem fighting hard in both 2020 RG and 2021 RG (as he did in 2019 RG semi)
- Thiem fighting hard in 2021 AO (as he did in 2020 AO final)

Are Fedal supporters entitled to blame ABZ?

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