Is Djokovic more like Sampras or Agassi?

Is Novak more like Pete or Andre?

  • Sampras

    Votes: 14 20.6%
  • Agassi

    Votes: 54 79.4%

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Bionic Poster
A little hyperbolic.

Djokovic is a serviceable volleyer, not great but not poor. His drop volleys are good and he has good reflexes.

Per the statistics I have seen, Sampras had an amazing smash...
I don't need statistics to gauge the game of Sampras, I lived it and saw him play live many times. Perhaps I should have clarified and said Djokovic is a "poor volleyer compared to Sampras" (and many others). And no one will dissuade me from the firm belief that there is no way to compare Sampras and Djokovic since they played radically different styles. Andre and Djokovic play much more compatible styles: baseliners with little appetite or aptitude to volley.