Is Djokovic now a better grass player than HC player?

On which surface is Djokovic better?

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He won 5 out of 6 grass GS finals. 10 out of 15 HC GS finals.

Taking into account that there are twice as many HC GS tournaments, he has adjusted the same amount of titles on grass, but with a much higher conversion rate.

So on what surface is he better?


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He’s the definitive hard court player between Fed, Nadal, and himself. But his games adapted very well to grass and he’s up there as one of the greatest grass court players of all time.


No way. There is just much less competition on grass. An old Federer, and to a lesser degree a post prime (especialy on grass) Nadal are his only competition. Murray for awhile too (mostly while Nadal was no factor) but not anymore. He has a bye to the semis or finals every year at Wimbledon unless he is in total rubbish form. Hard courts has a way stronger field than grass (or clay) and he still is more dominant and strong on average.

He has proven he is a great grass court player, but he is a better hard court player still. He is likely to wind up as the hard court GOAT.


No, there's just fewer good grass court players. When hard courts are the favoured surface of a large number of the guys on tour, the surface so many of them learnt to play on, and you accomplish as much as he has on the surface then I think it's safe to say it's where you are strongest. Hardly anybody knows how to play on grass!