Is Djokovic surpassing Federer for weeks at no.1 a lock?


What is the current situation with that, is it pretty much guaranteed? What if Djokovic loses the WTF and AO? On what exact date does Djokovic technically pass 310 weeks?

It’s so confusing with the way the pandemic has changed the rankings and how some events are not deducted and count for more than 12 months. :unsure:


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I don't know how the rankings are working anymore either, but Djokovic having this record is virtually a lock.


Virtually a lock, but Nadal could in theory stop it by winning the WTF and Australian Open, or some similar scenario combined with Djokovic not getting many points for some reason.


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Almost a lock but not yet. It's looking like we will have new a Slam leader next year and a new weeks holder though.


To my understanding... the rankings were frozen from March 23 till August 23..

So that's effectively 20 weeks taken off the weeks at #1 count.

So, as it sits, Novak is on 290 weeks at number 1 and that count will continue to increase each week now until someone accumulates more total points than him in their "best 18" tournaments since March 2019.


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Please correct me if I'm wrong, as this is not exact.
YE#1 is all but assured, as I believe his lead over Rafa will be at least 2300 points and he has more than 3000 points on Thiem. There's only so much season left, and Novak only will lose 200 points from the ATP Finals...Rafa loses 400, and Thiem...800 or 1000, I forget if he lost a RR match last year

Now, I think Week #311 is around the first of March. I think Novak - even with disappointment (to put it mildly) at the USO and today - is still a good bet to do so. The climb to 20 or beyond will be tough, though.