Is Fernandez USO Run the greatest to a Final?

Is Leylah Fernandez 2021 USO Run to Final the Greatest in OE?

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It's up there. I still think Guga '97 when he went through 3 FO champions and one future finalist to win it ranks above.
Taking away the Final though as per my title he beat Kafelnikov & Medvedev while Muster had a significantly down year on clay and would continue towards retirement. Medvedev had a chasm of results at the French 95-98 before getting that 99 final.

I mean obviously we'll see how Sabalenka, Svitolina continue to progress but on paper I think Fernandez is stronger especially 3 sets and Kuerten got Dewulf in SF.

Moose Malloy

Great run, but I think we all know Svitolina is one of the least feared #5 seeds in the history of the sport. She could lose to basically anyone in the draw. Lost to a qualifier at last year's RG QF. The Kerber win was more unexpected and impressive(Kerber had a good summer, and the Sloane win was huge). The 2 doubles by Sabalenka in the last game were as bad a choke as I've seen in a while, considering she's one of the best servers in the game. Reminded me of Goran's 2 doubles in the last game vs Agassi at 92 W.

I have a feeling history will not regard Svitolina and Sabalenka highly (I see many here mock top 10 players of the 80s/90s just because they never heard of them, so I guess its expected - even commentators sound condescending when a random 70s/80s player that had a less that great career is brought up - like last week when John Alexander was noted as being one of the few that was younger than Alcaraz to win a match at all 4 majors. Fowler/Gilbert clearly didn't like hearing that name along the other names cited, I guess it doesn't fit their goal of hyping achievements of todays players)

Wilander in 82 was impressive to the RG finals - Lendl(huge favorite with no Borg), Gerulaitis(former finalist and Rome champion), Clerc(ton of clay wins, one of the best claycourters to not reach a RG final)

some others:
Sampras, 01 USO - Rafter, Agassi, Safin - all former USO champs
Soderling, 09 RG - Ferrer, Nadal, Davydenko, Gonzalez
Baghdatis, 06 AO - Roddick, Ljubicic, Nalbandian
Pecci, 79 RG - (15) Barrazzutti, (6) Solomon, (3) Vilas, (2) Connors


I still have no idea who to root for. Would really suck for a seed slayer like that to not win the whole thing after doing all the heavy lifting. But on the other hand someone getting all the way though qualifying without even dropping a set is unprecedented.