Is Gosen OG Ship Micro discontinued?

I used OG Ship Micro 17 (Natural) as a cross on my poly/syn gut hybrid setup for years.

Looks like I can't find a reel of this string anymore.

Is it discontinued?

If yes - any similar string there? characteristics and price wise?

Are you in the US? Hola...sports has it in stock but only in black or white.

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However, I tried the different colors and they don't play the same. The black and white didn't feel as crisp as the natural. Many years ago they also had a Gold one which I did like.
TW has it available Feb 7. I think the white feels crisper than the natural.
Haha. How did I miss it? Was looking all over and missed the fact it will be back in stock.

I thought it is discontinued because none of the leading suppliers (TW, Hola, MW, TE..) had this reel available.

I guess I can continue with my configuration - 4.0 player, Yonex Vcore 98, YPTP/OGSM 50/52