Is hurting my toe running for a dropshot a sign of a shoe that doesn't fit properly?


I ordered the Prince T-22 and got various styles. After running for a drop shot on a hard court I felt my 2nd toe jam into the show when I tried to stop. After another drop shot the same thing happened and now the toe feels a bit funny.

Is that just part of running for drop shots or does it mean there is a problem with my shoe size? Otherwise the shoes feel great. Anything I can do about it?


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Many shoes have problems with toe jam, it’s caused by your toes getting pushed against the rubber or a stiff upper on a stop or moving to the front. What you can do is get a thick pair of socks like thorlos or get a half size bigger just for a little more space, that fixes my problems.


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No, you don't want that for your toes.
Try kicking/pushing your foot back into the heel as far and solidly as it will go- then lace up so your foot stays put
without slipping forward. If this works, good. If not, use these shoes as casual wear.

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I've gone through several pairs of T22 (half purchased from TW and the other half as warranty/durability replacements) and have never noticed this shoe is worse from that standpoint than any other. I do, however, significantly cushion the arches in my shoes and then tie the laces fairly tight. That locks my heel into the shoe and the arch support further prevents my foot from slipping forward.

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I lost a toe nail on my big toe with that problem.
I thought the issue would get better, but just got worse over time. I ended up pitching them out, sad.
Some shoes fit different than others. You just have to find the right shoe and stick with it once you find the right one. Biggest issue with that is , by the time you get the right one , the manufacturer changes the model to a newer one that fits different.


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Most probably you have a problem how the shoe fits, not with the shoe size. Many people buy shoes that are not properly fitting and so they need to make a compromise with the size to make them work. That works to an extent, until you run into such issues.

If there is a room in the toe box and your foot is slipping forward, you could try the "easy" fix suggested above and try to tie them in such a way that your feet stay put, but, again, that is not ideal. Find a shoe that fits you and stick with it.

That sounds like you don’t have good lockdown. Try tightening the laces and using the runners heel lock method. You can also get an insole like the sole heat moldable ones for a custom fit.