Is it a hindrance if my one handed backhand is so beautiful that opponents can’t look directly at it?

Oakley has special lenses that compensate for the OHBH radiance caused by Don Budge like backhands--or, u can close your eyes momentarily when u see one coming.


I have had a few times that I wish I could call it on myself, as I stand there in the perfect follow-through after crushing a 1HBH DTL....only to watch my opponent hit an even more amazing cross-court winner back.

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@Cashman, I think I've seen you hitting your one handed backhand.

I'm very sorry to inform you that what you think is a one handed backhand is actually a two handed one.

Your personal reality distortion field may convince you otherwise. However ....



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How does your OHBH compare to the god him self, Suresh?
Excuse me... the list right now is as follows...and after my blazing ohbh down the line on guy yesterday, he'd say I was number one. Must have hit him with about 8 up the line alone changing direction. lol It's a beautiful thing when you have a good one. I'll tell ya that. lol I didn't know Suresh had a OHBH. We will add him to the list.