Is it just me or is the misleading usage of "never" really annoying?


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For instance, when people say something like, "Murray has NEVER beaten Nalbandian on grass" it's kind of ridiculous right? Not that this particular phrase has been said, but similar statements are posted every day. It's ******** because, they have only played once on grass. And it was a long time ago.

What's more annoying is, it's often followed by a 'LOL,' which is of course a great TW tactic for winning arguments.

Correct usage: Nadal's never made it to the US Open - laugh if you're humored.

Incorrect usage: Djokovic has NEVER beaten Nadal at a Slam, LOL! (When discussing a possible Djokovic vs. Nadal match at the US Open)

Reason: They have only played at Roland Garros, and once at Wimbledon but Djokovic had to retire midway through the match with one set apiece. Besides, he's an inferior clay court and grass court player to Nadal anyway, whether it's at the Slams or not. He does have a winning record on hard courts, so he certainly has a great chance of beating Nadal in Melbourne or New York.


You're probably right, but to be fair I don't see Djokovic taking a set off Nadal in this year's final, let alone clinching the title. Nadal is too good.