is it possible to get same-day french open tickets?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by stinkpot, May 31, 2006.

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    i'll be backpacking in western europe for the last week of the french and have the opportunity to swing by paris. i'm considering doing so, if it's possible to get same-day tickets (i'll even have my tent, if i need to camp!)

    has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing? i know at the us open, you can queue up for same-day grounds passes ... does anyone know if they have similar packages at roland garros? or would i simply be at the mercy of scalpers?

    mucho merci,
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    Mar 9, 2006
    somewhere in between
    I really dont know, but i think it ll be, at least, VERY hard.
    my suggestion is you should try to sneak in. And beware of the UZI guys
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    May 31, 2006
    Was talking about this with a friend the other night. I went to the French in '01, he went in '03 ('04 maybe?), and we were both at the mercy of scalpers - nothing at all seemed available. Neither of us speak French, which only puts you at a disadvatage of course. We both remembered paying about 3 times the going rate, he scored a ground pass and I had a ticket to the second-stadium (Lenglen).

    Have to love the Aussie Open, where around $30 Aussie dollars will get you a ground pass for almost any day of the tournament. That said, it's not as good as in past years since they built the extra 'grandstand' courts, taking more matches into seat-numbered arenas :(.

    Good luck at the French!
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    Read below and good luck

    forget about stadium seats during the 2nd week - you will have to go thru your friendly scalpers - BUT there are some promotions for 2006 and
    they do have limited ground pass The various booking periods for the French Open are now closed, but the remaining tickets for the 2006 tournament are still available at the ticket offices at Porte des Mousquetaires. They will be on sale from Monday 22 May at 9am. During the tournament, the "Visiteurs du soir" ("Evening visitors") will once again be running.

    Not only… but also…
    Other tournaments will also be held within the stadium and will be open to spectators. These will include the qualifiers, Benny Berthet Day and the Legends Trophy, which will be a very different tournament to the French Open, but no less exciting. Also, new for 2006, there will be a special event called "Tous en finale !" ("We're all going to the final!")

    Finally, if you can't make it to Roland Garros, then why not book your tickets now for the BNP Paribas Masters, which will be held in the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy starting on 30 October. During the French Open, tennis fans will be able to buy tickets for the forthcoming BNP Paribas Masters before they go on general sale.

    More information on how to book for Roland Garros:

    "Les Visiteurs du soir" ("Evening visitors")

    After the great success of the 2004 and 2005 offers, this will be the third year in a row that the "Visiteurs du soir" ("Evening visitors") promotion will be available. From 5pm onwards, tickets for the remainder of that day's play, not only on the Philippe Chatrier and Suzanne Lenglen courts but also on N°1 and outside courts, are made available at favourable rates, based on the number of seats vacated by people leaving the stadium. The offer is valid during the first week of the tournament - from 29 May - 4 June inclusive) and is primarily aimed at people outside the stadium who have been unable to buy a ticket for the French Open. Spectators already inside Roland Garros who only have outside court tickets can still obtain tickets for the Philippe-Chatrier and Suzanne-Lenglen courts at a special price. Thus, all tennis fans will have access to top quality sporting entertainment at low costs. The prices will once again be extremely attractive, ranging from €1 - €15 for those already in possession of an outside court ticket and €10 - €27.50 for people outside the stadium without tickets. These "Evening Visitor" seats will be put on sale at the Suzanne Lenglen Court ticket office for spectators already inside the stadium and at the Porte des Mousquetaires ticket windows for those outside.

    Not only… but also…


    The Qualifiers are held over five days and provide an opportunity to see some of the brightest prospects in French and world tennis, plus a chance to get a close-up view of famous players who have failed to qualify directly for tournament outright.
    Tuesday 23 - Friday 26 May 2006
    Adults: 16€, Children under 15: 8€. Free for children under 7

    Benny Berthet day and the last round of the qualifiers
    Benny Berthet day is devoted to fund-raising for charitable organisations. On the eve of the tournament's opening day, stars of world tennis take part in exhibition matches on the main courts. The entrance fee for Benny Berthet day also entitles you to watch the last round of qualifiers.
    Saturday 27 May 2006 - 11am - 7pm
    Adults and children: 17€. Free for children under 7.

    The Legends Trophy
    Some of the greatest players to grace Roland Garros during its illustrious past will be taking part in the 9th Legends Trophy - a doubles tournament held during the second week of the French Open. Certain matches, including the finals, will be played on the Suzanne Lenglen court. Tickets for the Legends Trophy also give access to all the outside courts, where the doubles events and junior tournament will be taking place.
    Tuesday 6 - Saturday 10 June 2006
    Adults and children: 12.50€

    NEW for 2006: Tous en finale ! (We're all going to the final!)
    For the first time ever, all those who were not lucky enough to get any of the highly coveted men's and women's singles finals tickets will be able to watch these magic moments inside the stadium! After watching the finals of the Legends Trophy on the Suzanne Lenglen court and the junior doubles on the outside courts on Saturday 10 June, or the junior singles and women's doubles finals on Sunday 11, spectators with tickets for the "outside courts" will be able to follow the respective women's (Saturday 10 June) or men's singles finals (Sunday 11 June) on a giant screen specially erected on N°1 court.
    Adults and children: 12.50 €

    How to book tickets for the qualifiers, Benny Berthet day, the Legends Trophy and "We're all going to the final!"
    France Billet ticketing network: +33 (0) 892 700 350 (0.34€/min) -
    Ticketnet ticketing network: +33 (0) 892 390 100 (0.34 €/min) -

    Tickets available on the day from the stadium ticket windows. Cash payments only.

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