Is it possible to paint strings?


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Hi everyone, I had a thought. I use hyper g, and I love the string. However, I could really do without the green. I had a thought. I string for myself, and I do two piece. Is it possible to get a can of paint or spray paint and just dip the two strings into the paint, let it dry and then have the same string but a more palatable color? And I imagine from what I’ve read the color difference only has a slight difference in stiffness and power, <1%. Is this possible, and can it keep the paint on at least 2 weeks?


Paint will not adhere to the plastic string for long. After a few hours of hitting, it will begin to flake off. I would not paint the strings before installation because the dried painted string may not go thru the grommets. And the paint may gum up your gripper and clamps.


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I feel like there are a fair few strings on the market that are spiritually similar to Hyper G but without the vivid green color.

Head Lynx Tour
Signum Pro Poly Plasma Hextreme (neon orange, pure for white)
Volkl V-Square (red)
Diadem Solstice Power
Solinco Revolution
WeissCannon Black 5 edge

What other shaped polys have you tried?
Don’t forget about the added weight. I would just go for the closest different string which is confidential. There really is not much difference between those two. HyperG is just a more muted version of confidential.


Someday, we'll probably just use some basic round poly and "spray stuff" (that sticks) onto the strings to impart extra spin, etc.