Is it safe to say that Thiem is the best ever w/o a Slam title while Nishikori is the best ever w/o a Big title?


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Thiem has certainly made more Slam finals without winning a Slam (as yet) than any other player, past or present (at least in the Open Era). So I guess you could say he is the best ever in that category.

Nishikori has made a Slam final and reached the final of 4 Masters 1000s without winning any. I don't think there is anybody who has made as many big finals as that without winning any so I would agree about him.


Nalbandian is the best ever without a slam in my opinion.
Even considering that Thiem has 3 runner up slams against Nalby’s only one.
Higher peak.


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Berdych is also a candidate, beating Federer (top seed) & Djokovic (3rd) at '10 Wim; and beating Federer (top seed) at '12 USO.


Thiem's career isn't close to over, yet... so this isn't even a valid question.

But if we were going to pretend Thiem's career was over tomorrow... then people are already bringing names with better consistent talent and results: Berdych, Ferrer. I'm going to throw Marcelo Rios and Davydenko into the mix.

And if we say that number of titles don't count, then I think someone like Coria and Philippoussis were better than Thiem.

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Thiem has good tennis career. 3 slams finals, 2 sfs, 1 masters title, final of year end, etc. Still his career is not over so comparing him with finished players like Ferrer/Nalbandian/Berdych(even he is finished) is not fair. He will definitely have more accolades than them even if he doesn't win a slam (highly improbable).

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Ferrer does have a big title.
Oh, the Paris Masters in 2012, ok.

I didn't consider Masters titles. I don't think the "Big" titles weren't specified, so if you include them, then yes. I didn't include those in my answer, so that's the difference in our considerations, understand?

He hasn't won a Slam or YEC/Tour Finals. I considered those titles "Big" titles when I saw the topic, personally.