Is it time to LOL at the Miami Heat?

Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by soyizgood, Nov 25, 2010.

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    The Pacers had an up and down season but were a tough matchup for the Heat and started playing well again after the first round. Miami played very well in that series to keep it short, but could not continue that same level of play in the finals as Wade seemed like he got worn down.

    Brooklyn was a much better team than their record indicated and played very well in the 2nd half of the season. They made Miami work to earn those wins and that series could have been closer if a few bounces went the other way.

    I agree that Charlotte was probably one of the easiest playoff opponents ever. Having Jefferson healthy would not have made any difference though.

    I still don't agree that it was a cakewalk draw. It was about an average draw. They ended up going through the best two other teams in the conference in my opinion to reach the finals. A true cakewalk draw would have been Charlotte in the first round, Toronto in the second round, and Washington/Atlanta in the conference finals.
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    Indiana easily could have lost to Atlanta. Hibbert disappeared too much (4 games with 0 points in the playoffs) Hibbert was clearly not the same Hibbert that dominated Miami last year, and without that Indiana was no real test.

    True but it's relative. I remember telling a friend back in March that Indiana was no real threat due to their lack of a true PG, they self destructed and got so caught up in the "home court for game 7" spiel only to not even make it to game 7. They are a player or 2 away from being a true contender for a title, Hibbert's gotta get his sh..... together this offseason big time.

    Brooklyn's age and inconsistency (particularly Deron Williams) caught up. A healthy Lopez or a more effective Garnett could've made a difference. All in all the East has been soft the past few years, what with Rose's injuries killing the team that should've been Miami's top rival for the big 3 era.
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    If only Miami had the rebounding big men from Detroit.
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    Time to LOL at Miami if the triumvirate so decided to leave Miami all at once! Unlikely eh?:-|

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