Is it worth giving it a go? i.prestige 630

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by james_R, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. james_R

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    I am currently using a Slazenger X1, having previously used an RDX500MID and tried a RDX500MP demo. I like the Slaz dont get me wrong but I would like something a little stronger from the baseline. I want roughly the same weight, similar stiffness but slightly less HL balance, though still HL. A marginally thicker beam would also help I think to increase stability on my backhand side and weight of shot from the baseline. At the moment I can get hold of a i.prestige MP for a very low price and am thinking of giving it a go...The specs certainly look to be what I am looking for, 21mm beam (X1=20mm) 98 vs 95 headsize, 6pts vs 8pts headlight, both about 12ounces...Is it worth a go since the price is good and I am just not getting the weight of shot I want from the X1 at the baseline? Though the RDX500MP gave me a little more, I did'nt really like the feel of it so much as the too low powered MID and sharper Slazenger. I really liked the i.radical in the past, though ultimately found it a little lacking in mass so maybe the i.prestige is the way to go, or at least try :) Quite difficalt to get hold of now, so please lend a word in my shell like if you can! Cheers.
  2. Richie Rich

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    Feb 24, 2004
    i.pres MP is a nice racquet. I like it better than the new LM presitges. A little stiffer and less "mushy" feel, in my opinion. Put nice strings in it and you will have a realatively powerful frame.

    I prefer a weighted up i.rad MP. Stiffer upper hoop than the i.prestige and with some lead at 3/9/handle it weighs about same. I like it since I don't have to swing as hard to get power than I had to swing with the i.prestige.
  3. carTW

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    Nov 21, 2004
    I happen to have both the i.Prestige MP and the X1. The i.Prestige MP feels a lot more substantial than the X1. It has really good power (more than the X1) with good dynamics from the baseline or when serving. Blocked shots are more effective with the X1 though, because it has "inherently" more power. The X1 is more maneuverable too and it has a crisp feel. The i.Prestige has more of a soft feel. Grip shapes are very different, with the X1 being a bit like a Wilson whereas the Head's grip is much more rectangular.
  4. kv581

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Just a heads up.... i.Prestige has a smaller-than-advertised head size. Comparing my i.Prestige MP to Prostaff 95 the heads are virtually identical. Then compare i.Prestige MP to RDX500 MP and you can see that RDX500 has a visibly larger head. This also applies to HEAD's mid size prestige frames (stated to be 93 sq in but in actuality is slightly smaller than 90 sq in).

    Obviously, i.Prestige should swing heavier than X1 (and LM Prestige MP also, for some reason). It's a very solid racquet, and can generate a healthy dose of power.

    If i.Prestige plays mushier than X1, I wonder just how stiff X1 really is (I've never tried X1). i.Prestige already feels pretty stiff to me, though it has never been uncomfortable. It does have a pretty crisp feel to it.

    One other thing. Yes, i.Prestige has that distinct HEAD grip shape, but I've come to prefer it over rounder Wilson grips. What I DID notice was that i.Prestige's grip seems to be smaller than other grips of the same advertised size (even other HEAD racquets). I normally use 4 1/2 on Wilson and HEAD racquets. 4 1/2 on i.Prestige, however, felt more like a 4 3/8. I had a heat shrink sleeve put on it, shifting the racquet's balance back to ~8pt HL, which worked out fine for me. Point is, keep this in mind if you decide to buy the racquet. More importantly, can other i.Prestige users confirm this?

    None of these minor issues should deter you from giving i.Prestige a try, though. It's really a fine racquet.
  5. james_R

    james_R Guest

    Thanks for the feedback.
    I have decided to indeed give the i.prestige 630 a try.

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