Is it worth to restring 26 juniour racket from store


My son just moved to 26 racket we bought on amazon. Babolat, not cheap, and we found that is hard to play for him, there is no bite at all on ball, everthing goes into the net. No boom sound.
Anybody noiced this for stock strings ? We never had this problem for 23,25 gen rackets he used with stock bed.
And our grip is not extreme.

Do you think it's good practice to restring it ? Probably it was sitting too long at Amazon.

We got this:
Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Junior 26 Inch Tennis Racquet (Blue)

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If you son can tell the difference between rackets of the mute and bite feel. I will say “yes” please change his 26” racket string


I wouldn't play with factory strings so don't see why my daughter should, so I always re-string her frames (pretty easy for me as I have my own stringing machine).


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Restrung my daughter's speed 26 and it made a big difference for her. The strings that come in these is pretty bad, going just to PSGD was a major improvement (I hit with it before/after also)

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I just restrung my granddaughter's 23" racket (because she wanted pink strings). When I cut out the old strings, they barely snapped back. You know a nylon or syn gut is really dead if it doesn't snap back.


Thanks all for input. I see that tension for 26 are within 45-52 range, which is much lower then for adult setup. Anybody can share their tension for 26?
Thanks again to all
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