Is Medvedev Really That Good?

He has exceptional control on his groundstrokes, and moves well for such a tall player. What worries me for him is his body type. It doesn't strike me as particularly durable in the GS format. We'll see...
I agree, he’s the same height as Zverev and only slightly heavier. People keep saying a 6’6+ guy is going to dominate the game soon, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


He has the basics. Needs to work on fitness to get to the next level. I'm impressed with the work he has done on his mental game.
Shapovalov, FAA and Tsitsipas appeal more because they are better all-around and agressive players, that's it.

Medvedev is good, great serve, great backhand, good movement and consistency but his net skills and FH are real weaknesses. For me he is more like a Gasquet.

But that should be enough to break into the top 10 this year I think.
To my mind, Gasquet is not only more appealing in tennis terms than Shapovalov but obviously so. I think Shapovalov rather overrated. FAA from what I could tell is a rather defensive player - but, as I said, I've only seen him play once. It could be I will appreciate his style more. Medvedev and Khachanov hit well from the baseline. Both have weaknesses, but I enjoy their style a reasonable amount.