Is my Hyper-G shot?

This is my first time playing with a poly.

I bought a pre-owned racquet with Solinco Hyper-G in it.

I played for a while with it now. I am not sure I am experiencing any big play differences mostly because this racquet (Clash) can overhit and be erratic.

What I am sure is that string sounds “tingy” now when I hit. Like a high strung instrument string.

Do you think this string might be due for replacement?


If you have no idea how old the string is I would replace it. Most poly is only "good" for 6 to 10 hours anyways. If you're past that it is probably going dead.

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Poly lifetime is not high. You may not have broken the string but unlike gut or multi, poly looses its elasticity and dies in 8hrs give or take depending on player