Is Nadal now closer to Federer in terms of achievements, than Djokovic is to Nadal?

Who is closer to who?

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No. 3 slam difference in both cases. Therefore moving to other records puts Djokovic much closer to Nadal than Nadal to Fed.


I think he is closer to Novak. Would need more time as number one to close the gap with Fed. Maybe a WTF?


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Djokovic is ahead of Nadal in everything but the sheer number of Slams.

Federer is ahead of Nadal in the Slams/WTF's/no 1 ranking, basically everything outside of MS/DC/Olympics.

I say the gap is smaller between Djokovic and Nadal but it looks like it's gonna be wider when all is said and done.


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no, djoko has 5 more YECs, one more year at #1, more weeks at #1, achieved more in 2 of the slams, more consistent at the 3rd ( USO ) -- compared to nadal

federer has 6 more YECs, 2 more years at #1, far more # of weeks at #1, clearly achieved more at 3 of the slams --compared to nadal


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Djokovic is definitely closer to Nadal than Nadal is to Federer. RN only has one more slam final than Djokovic, 6 fewer semis, they have the same amount of Masters 1000s and Novak has 5 more WTFs and 82 more weeks at #1, not to mention the difference in other stats of lesser importance such as top 10 wins, 3 slam seasons, defending titles on all surfaces etc. In all of these stats apart from the most Masters titles, there's a much bigger gap between Federer and Nadal.