is pacific x force lite a good choice for advanced 10 year old ?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by dannythomas, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. dannythomas

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    May 4, 2010
    We have been letting my 10 year old daughter try out a few racquets .She is an advanced Academy player who likes to get to the net and even serve volleys some of the time. This is her first change up to a full size from her previous 26+ Prince Hybrid. That was 8.3 strung .

    I did an earlier thread on this and the Baboloat PDS Lite was recommended but she doesn't seem to feel comfortable with it. It is heavier but with lighter swing weight than say the Drive Z Lite ( which she hasn't tried yet ) or the Aeropro Lite ( which she has tried out for a week or so, liked it at first but has started to complain again that it is a heavy when she hits a lot of forehands. ) She doesn't seem secure on her volleys with the PDS Lite.

    She has also tried out the Wilson Six One Lite BLX which is very light at c. 9.3 ounces with even balance. She plays pretty well with it and has not found it heavy but her coach does not like the 102 inch headsize or the longer 27.5 inch frame. Others on this board have said it is too stiff. However she likes it for serve and volleys and groundstrokes don't seem to be an issue either.So should I ignore everyone's advice and let her play with it or keep trying others ? Wilson do market it as a transition racquet .

    TW recommended the Pacific X Force Lite whicjh is similar to the Wilson but with 98 inch head, even balance and regular length. It also scores high on the flex rating. I know Pacific uses Fischer technology but they are better known for strings not racquets.

    So I know this is getting a bit complicated. Should I get her to stick with the Aeropro Lite for a while longer, try out the Z Drive Lite or the Pacific ? Or should I ignore everyone's advice and let her stick with the Wilson ? Her coach thinks she will adapt to the Aeropro but suggests also trying the Z drive.

    On the advice of posters on here I will string the racquets with Klip Legend Naural Gut . One of the problems is that she is a grip size zero though I think she is ok with a 1 and demos are only available in a size 3 which will not give her a real feel for what the racquets are like..

    Sorry if this is a bit boring for all those who saw my previous thread but I really think on her first full size racquet we need to get it right !
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    Apr 27, 2005
    pacific raackets are quality frames, you can be sure of that...if she plays better with them, I cant be sure of.

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