Is pressure more on Fed or Nadal?

The pressure is on Federer.

He will never admit it but of course he wants to be the grand slam record holder. And it would hurt him 1000 times more if Nadal overtakes him, than Djokovic.

So the pressure in the semi is clearly on Fed
In the context in which I responded to Hitman it's relevant. If you can't be bothered to go and do the conversation trail don't comment on it.
Irrelevant. Djokovic was a shell of himself at Wimbledon and went in slamless that year losing to mugs like istomin and with no confidence and still beat Nadal. When he finally got winning slams again and confident he crushed Nadal in straights at AO

That makes Fedr a Jack of all trades and master of none. Barring clay of course.
That make Nadal a one trick pony? And considering Fed and Djokovic both have titles in their weakest slams and the WTF (literally ATP's biggest tournament) and Nadal doesn't.... Nadal isn't complete. He is also far less complete than Djokovic who has all the slams, masters, WTF and has beaten his main rivals everywhere while Nadal hasn't
Disagree. Little pressure on Nadal as he has won his pet slam this year. Federer is at his pet slam and has to win it. No question Federer has the pressure, like Nadal did in Paris and Djokovic did in Melbourne.
Wimbledon isn't really his pet Slam, although it's his best of the 4. At his peak, AO, W, and USO were all his pet Slams. After he got older, he couldn't beat the younger Nadal and Djokovic consistently.
On Fed, but I think it's good this time, won't make him complacent. I think it's good he lost vs Rafa, he might get overconfident due to his streak of wins for the past years.


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That makes Fedr a Jack of all trades and master of none. Barring clay of course.
You've written this identical (and asinine) remark before. In fact, as any tennis fan has known for the least 14 years, Fed's record is the antithesis of "jack of all trades, master of none."

6 AO's
8 Wimbledons
5 USO's

If that's not utter mastery at 3/4 slams, nothing is.

Pathetic trolling and ignorant beyond belief. But hardly surprising coming from you.
That makes Fedr a Jack of all trades and master of none. Barring clay of course.
I don't think you can say Rafa mastered clay, he just hasn't faced anyone of Borg, Lendl, Kuerten caliber on clay. Fed has beaten Sampras on fast grass with smaller racket and Pete was way closer to his prime than Fed was.


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It's quite something to say that a guy who won 8 Wimbledons, 5 US Opens and 6 AOs is a master of none.
Consider that Rafa just beat Roger in Paris a month ago and narrowed the slam gap, but she still is a trolling, mindless hater. I can't imagine inhabiting this brain or this heart. Pitiful beyond belief and frankly, Rafa deserves a higher caliber fan than this.


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Federer needs to defend his positive H2H at his best Slam, just like Nadal did at his best Slam.
Hey... sweetheart... how ya doin' right now? When you spew ignorance and invective in 1,000 posts about "weakling Federer,, man up and take the s--t when it rains down on you instead of disappearing.