Is sending flowers always a good idea?

Ok, here is a quick synopsis of my predicament:

Since early/mid June I have been seeing this wonderful woman, K I will call her. She lives about 4 hours away, so it is a kind of long relationship. She has been to visit me 3 times, I have been down to visit her 2 times. We communicate mainly through "texting" lately. Lots of quick notes and conversations through texting. When we are together in person things are great! We have much in common, talk a lot, have adventures (cruising on a lake, fireworks, county fairs, dinner) I was there last weekend and she was supposed to come up this past weekend but couldn't make it. Since then our texting has kind of cooled off a bit. Last week she had mentioned that she could come up this coming up weekend (25th/26th) but I haven't asked her since and have had no confirmation. I really hope she comes but don't want to press her or ask her quite yet. Instead I was thinking of sending her flowers this week, maybe tomorrow of wednesday, and have then delivered to her house.

The question is: Is this a good idea? Could it scare her off or backfire? Pros and cons? I don't want to appear too clingy or overly anxious. Should I wait and see if she is coming up this weekend? Don't ask her? Thoughts? Thanks! I really like her and see some great potential, but when I think about the distance, etc, it brings some anxiety into the picture.

thoughts? thanks gang!


If she still seems interested, I think it would be a good gesture to send flowers. My philosophy is you should send flowers when you think they will be appreciated. If a woman stops returning your phone calls, then it is a sign she's not interested and sending flowers is a waste of time and money. Sounds like in your situation they would be appreciated based on what you have posted.


If she's about to come up and see you, then I don't think you should send her flowers.

Maybe after she leaves and you can send flowers if you had a nice time together. That'll get her thinking about you more until she wants to see you again.


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In answer to the title, no, sending flowers is not always a good idea. For this instance I would refrain from sending them and opt instead to pick up the phone and talk to her. As convenient as texting is, for a woman to put the effort into making the trip out to see you, she usually needs a reason...give her one.


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^^^ooohhh, that's good advice. effort is always appreciated. just want to add that after the visit, flowers might be a nice gesture.

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Do not send the flowers yet. Do not send the flowers yet. I had to say it me on this one. Flowers are good when the girl is definitley into you.
she said she "might have to work on Saturday" which means she may not come up this weekend (she said she will know about saturday on Friday) So are the flowers now a good thing or really bad thing? I called up the florist in the bay area and was about to order but am still not sure. thanks gang! pros? cons?


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You should just TELL HER that you WANT her to come visit this weekend. If she wants to she will, if not then not. If people want to see each other they will make it happen, I don't think flowers are going to make any difference.


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Did you ignore the previous posts? I don't have time to list the pros and cons right now but will say it will appear needy! Less texting and more talking OP.