Is the center the sweet spot ?


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I played table tennis many years ago and I was told that it is the lower part of the bat a little off the center to contact the ball for topspin. for badminton a little off the center toward the head is the best contact spot. for tennis I have a feeling that if I contact the ball at a little off center at NE/SE(divide the racket face into four sections with hitting side facing ground) for right-handed FH topspin I feel good. if contact at NW/SW, it is really bad. for underspin, NE/SE are bad and NW/SW are ok. of cause I really can't see where the real contact is. I just try to aim at that area and feel it as what the "Inner Games" said. my question is: is the center the best contact spot? your opinions are greatly appreciated.

Mahboob Khan

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Generally, yes. The center is the best contact point. But the location of the "sweet spot" may slightly change depending on the frame. Through experience you will find it. By applying lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock, or at the tip, and/or at the throat you can create your own favorite "sweet spot".
The sweet spot is the best and is what your brain is trying to achieve when you're swinging. This is because it has the last vibration and strain, so when you hit it, it feels "good".

The location of the sweet spot is different for each racquet slightly, but is generally very close to the middle.

To find it is very easy, just bounce the ball upwards on the racquet face continuously (like dribbling a basketball). Where it feels best is the sweet spot.

With that being said, off center hits produce sometimes okay results, such as on the topspin forehand, if the ball contacts low (racquet moving too quickly upwards) you get more spin.