Is the K-factor Roger's real deal. Request to Greg Raven.


It seems like finally we have a nanotech racket that has a ps 85 sized pallt, and 4 grommets on the pws. visually, i don't think we'll be able to distinguish roger's racket from what's available to the public. Personally, I highly doubt roger switched rackets after all of the success he's had so far. So my question is, is the k-factor basically the same thing roger's been using along. So I wonder if I could maybe get Greg Raven, the only person that i know to for sure have a real roger racket, to take the k six one tour 90 out for a spin and see how he thinks it stacks up to what he has.

Greg Raven

Like most of us, I'm still waiting for the arrival of the Wilson K-Factor racquets. Once it does arrive, I will try to restring each of the "Tour 90" versions and hit with them back-to-back, but I can't do the full multi-person, multi-racquet playtest I did before: It requires too much time and expense to do it correctly.