Is the next generation of wta girls an insurance write off!

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It seems to me the young up and comers may be a bust at the highest level. When you look at the future of the wta it does not fill you with confidence.

The 'it' girls like Azarenka, Radwansa, Wozniacki and Safina dont seem to me to have the pedigree of champions. Safina seems destined to meltdown in all her big matches, Azarenka has fitness issues and Wozniacki is Imho far too defensive to pose a serious threat.

When you contrast the situation on the ATP it make different reading. Del Potro has broken through, Murray and Djokovic have had solid seasons and Cillic is improving as well. With the return of Kim and Justine I just can't see how the new girls are going to change things. Life at the top of the wta is going to get far more crowded next year. I think this generation of girls may get squeezed out until the girls of teh Williams' era hang up their rackets.



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Well you are definately right about that. I am sick of watching Williams sister finals, it just isn't fun anymore and there isn't any new generation player who can end this! For a few years I'm counting on Clijters and Henin for that problem :p Anyway, Wozniacki and Azarenka seemed promising but yet they have some issues they should work on too. On the other hand Radwanska is really good and she is improving mentally recently which was like her only problem. I hope she will continue like this.

But what about Oudin you didn't mention about? She seems promising right? If one or two like her come up everything will be better, I think ;)
The so called new girls are irrelevant. It is still about Serena, Justine, Venus, Kim, and Maria, the 5 proven champions. The rest are meaningless.


Eh Give them a year or two more. Azerenka needs a better head on her shoulders and that could come with time. Wozniaki just had an excellent season, and I enjoy her style, very measured and controlled. She could do well, perhaps like a Martina hingis. Oudin is also an interesting up and comer, fast and defensive, covers the court well has a lot of variety and a decent slice.