is the tfight 335 racket handle that short for a 2hbh?


i heard around that the 335 handle length is pretty short.the only sticks ive seen with short handles were dunlops and thats a reason why i dont buy them. could anyone compare what the handle length is to lets say a different reacket. like a babolat pst or wilson kfactors?if thats the case and its a short handle am i better off switching to the 320 xl then\?thanks


pretty short. shorter then even the k90.
I mean it's doable, but just bothered me.
When i played with it, I ended up just overgriping to very top of the throat to get as much as grip as i could.

Although you could get the the 320XL, but the longer length increases swing weight and maneuverability.


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depends on your hand size, im 6 ft 3 with average hand size and have some of my second hand on the throat of the racquet when gripping it with two hands. so as long as you don't have fairly above average sized hands you should be fine.


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also depends on preference. i like short handles on the 2hbh. like on my ps6.0, i trimmed the grip so that it barely covers the handle all the way and i put my left hand right at the top. thats how i like to hit my bh. with racquets that dont hav that handle length, i end up just having my hands together
Recently I acquired two second hand TF325s and I also found the handle of those very short. One cm shorter than the handle of the Aerogel 200. That's why I was thinking that the previous owner had shortened them because of the extended length of the 325.


i have a dunlop mil fil 300 and its handle seems pretty short and overall i feel like my backhand struggles with it.i have a 4 1/2 grip if thats the case would i be better off then trying the 320 XL then?


yeah i know but if the handle on the 320 is longer in general then ill just have to add lead to it and get my desired specs.if it is the same then ill get the 320 xl and just have to get used to the extended length.


The 335 handle is a touch short for my two-hander. Its doable obviously but its just a touch annoying for me.
I have hit with all of the Tfights and the Tflash 310 (and have a 2hbh). I didn't even notice a difference in the grip length effecting my shots. I agree that the 335 is the best Tecnifibre frame - for my game at least. 4.5+, all court. The thing serves bombs, is maneuverable, nails volleys and hits a very heavy ball off of the ground.


could anyone compare the gripsize to the following sticks at all: DUnlop mil fil 300, Babolat PST,Babolat APDC, Wilson n6 oversize, yonex rds002. if u could that be great.has anyone tried the 320XL?seems like it be a great stick but who knows.