Is there a better smartphone camera than the iPhone 6?


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After a poor experience using the pathetic camera on my Motorola Moto G (2013), a quality camera is top of my checklist for my next smartphone.

All the reviews say the camera on the iPhone 6 is awesome. What are your thoughts?

I am very keen on the Sony Experia Z3 Compact but some say its camera performance is just shaded by the iPhone 6.

Any advice welcome, thanks


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Most people are opposed to using a windows phone. But if the camera is priority #1 the Nokia Lumia 1020 has best camera currently.

I phone 6 is probably 2d though.


Lots of very good cameras out there, the M8 is the only camera on a top end phone that isn't up to scratch.


Nokia has chosen to use camera quality as their phone line's selling point. My daughter has an older Nokia (2 yrs old) and it is a much, much better camera than numerous Apple and Motorola products.