Is there anyway to repair a cracked racquet?

Cracked racquets can be repaired...but sometimes that can wind up being more costly than it would be to go buy a new one. It all depends on who does it for you. I had a Babolat Pure Drive + repaired, and it never was the same.


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Yes, I recently had my Catapult 3 repair after a crack at about the 1 o'clock position.

The cut the broken piece out, and they replace it with another piece of graphite, titanium etc.. My coach says it adds a little bit of weight though. This usually costs around $70 (Australian dollars) for the repair + extra for the strings (if you want them to string it for you). My repairer came with a 3 month warranty.

Unfortunately for me, a crack in the same position appeared, but it was under warranty, and i sent it back. I got it back again after that, and, without even playing with it, there was the crack, possiblely caused by the restringing after the repair. It only works well with only one repair. After that, it may be permanantly flawed.

Its up to you if you want to get it done. I would try it, but if it keeps cracking, forget about it.


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Saw a repaired Volkl using epoxy that seems to be holding so far. Maybe, we should treat Volkls like Heads and string them 2 piece.


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IMHO a cracked racquet is a completely wrecked car. No point reparing it. A cracked racquet has lost it's structural integrity and therefore will never play and feel the same. Save your money and buy a new racquet. My 2 cents.
AGree with gmlasam. I've tried to repair a crack just to see if I could do it. I've used several epoxies, JB's steel weld, Gorilla Glue, and never has the racket lasted more than a set before recracking. Epoxies seem to be too brittle, so the vibration ends up recracking it. None can give it the strength of having continuous graphite fibers.


That's a big sign that you need a new stick.

Honestly though,
Unless it has sentimental value(it was your fathers old t3000 or something) or if it is discontinued, move on and buy a new frame.


I personally think a cracked racquet should be replaced, but I know a guy who swears he can patch up cracked racquets using some special golf epoxy that doesn't get brittle. YMMV.


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Are there any size cracks that you can play with? Okay, that sounded weird. Has anyone experienced any cracks that are there but you guys can still play normally with it? i can't speak english today. =(