Is Tommy Hass basically a Federer who was prone to injury?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by DRII, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. The-Champ

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    Aug 19, 2007
    Federer has beaten Rafa 10 times (all surfaces). In 5 meetings against Nadal, Haas won a total of 0 sets, all on HCs which is Rafa's least favorite surface. Federer does everything better than Haas, and that includes the backhand.
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    Tommy Haas' comeback is a nice story. But a lot of people either don't follow tennis or have memory issues. Haas had extended periods of physical health. His big problem was that he would let 1 or 2 bad shots or dubious line calls completely ruin him mentally. To think he could keep it together and win multiple majors - and to compare him to Fed - is thus an exercise in futility.
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    Namranger, bringing up kafelnikov to haas is irrelevant...heaps of people could use that line...and as NadalAgassi said...yevgeny comfortably won their two key matches in AO and Olympic final and he had that same look about him as the enqvist match "this guy is gonna self-implode anytime now".

    I was watching tennis CLOSELY in that 97 to around 2003 bracket, when i had free time...and haas was one of those players like pioline or rios that just didn't have it mentally to nail down a big win.

    safin talks about tennis being hugely mental anyway...he should probably know given his AO experiences. haas just always struck me of not quite having a winners mentality.

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