Is tourna grip original supposed to be soaking wet for best performance?

I have played with tourna grip for some time and sometimes I feel the grip is good and other times it feels like I have no grip at all. Today was one of the latter days. I was sweating much on the forehead so I tried to wipe some sweat from there and thoroughly soak the tourna grip. To my surprise the grip got really good. I think for the next match if I am not sweating in the beginning I should bring a wet towel so I can start out with a soaked tourna.
Hey whatever works. My experience is tourna is prone to tearing when wet, however.

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I feel like they tear when too dry, the top layer just rips off near the butt cap. When it's wet I feel like it stays together much better. I think they work best when barely damp, once you get a lot of sweat/water on it then it becomes slippery.


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yes, it gets tackier when wet. That is why its so popular among the pros. I either use the condensation on a water bottle or even the back of myneck for a little moisture in my hand to really activate it.