Is your State (District)/Section continuing play or "other"


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There have been threads recently asking if courts are open, if people are playing during this time and about USTA sending surveys out asking about returning to play. Just wanted to see if your State and/or Section have announced they will resume play AND have both the State and Sectional Championships or will they have other...which is just "Local" play and even a "just for fun" play (which I heard is Pacific Northwest). List your State/Section and answer to the above.

I am in South Carolina (Southern) and awaiting Southern (and State) to decide. There are indicators that they are looking over the survey results and will be making a decision soon. State has indicated that they are leaning toward resuming Local play and having State Tournament. Original date for it is mid June, which is obviously pushed to the right.



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Am told priorities in NC will be to finish adult league and also have combo season. Still no timetable on either.


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So far, it seems most are trying to completed/hold seasons, just on a later or more compressed schedule. PNW at least is an exception to that already stating 40+ won't be finished and 18+ won't be played, but a free "welcome back to tennis" league will be held in the Summer.


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We received a letter from our LLC re the 18+ leagues which were to have started in March.

At this time they intend to start matchplay for 18+ gender and mixed leagues on June 8 and run through mid August with a bye the week of July 4.

100% of the league dues for those leagues will be going to a teaching pro relief fund.
People have the option of dropping off a roster and either A. Donate league fee to fund or B. Get a full refund

Not everyone will be happy about playing matches in the summer in Las Vegas ... we may be playing at temps over 110F


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Yesterday Utah announced a tentative new league schedule starting June 1. The only "national" league that had started prior to closure was 18+ mixed. They will try to finish that one in June, and also start up the regular 18+ league and 55+ league in June, followed by the 40+ league starting in mid-July. Intermountain sectionals are cancelled, so they will end these leagues with a playoff for the top teams in the standings.

They plan to go back to 2S/3D format for 40+. They had originally announced 1S/3D format. I guess this means that Utah did not really like the change and was using the new format only to match nationals, which is now pointless with nationals cancelled. Interesting.

The only planned league they are cancelling is 40+ mixed. They are still planning to run the other random leagues they had scheduled in the summer & fall (18-39, 65+, X.5 mixed, W2.5 summer league, fall outdoor league, and tri-level). We'll see how things play out.


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Any further updates on your Local/State/Sectional play? Of course it's the Domino Effect...State and Sectionals are waiting to hear from Governor's office if CDC and DHEC allows the "gatherings" rule to be loosened for not only Local play but to have State tourney late in the Summer. Of course they could or could not ignore the "models", which have been way off so far. And the next domino is if USTA Nationals allows Sections to make the call rather than throwing out another "Nationwide" suspension of play further to the right. Here's a thought...can you imagine if the Fed Gov was like the USTA, we would all be in the same lockdown even if your areas numbers are a 1/100 of what a Hot Spot is.

Also, more to chew on...what will they do with year end ratings? (Schmke needs to write something on his Blog) If some Local areas have already played the majority of their local matches and do NOT have State, does the USTA count those ratings? Or can they...I've heard differing opinions on is yes they can and another is that they need "Championship" play to have that benchmark. Of course it's not fair for those teams that have started play (and don't have State/Sectionals) because they are penalized for being able to start their leagues early.
We may do 1S/2D this year since we anticipate fewer players and there will be no sectionals/nationals. Not really excited about that.