Is Zverev 2017 the new Djokovic 2007?


Djokovic was only 20 yo when he played the final of the USO. He was still 20 yo when he won the AO back in 2008. Djokovic had reached the semis at W before retiring against Nadal. Djokovic was also getting to semis of RG etc.

I'm not going to talk about masters and the fact that he was able to def. Roddick, Rafa and Fed in Montreal. #3, #2 and #1. That was in 2007. That is, for younger guys, when people start calling them 'the big 3'.

Zverev is not even close. I know some of you are 'in love' with Zverev but this is just silly. Zverer achieved one QF at RG and he keeps losing in R1, R3, R4, R3, whatever.
Check the date of posting and recent posts, my friend. We all know Zverev is no Djokovic.


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Djokovic is still the youngest man to reach the SF of all 4 Slams. He may keep this record for quite a while longer but we will see what Felix will do who is coming on strong and not even 19 yet.


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Yeah... sure he is.


He should be having his Djokovic 2011 season by the time he’s 24..

he isn’t


Hilarious how much Zedrot has flattered to deceive and failed to deliver based on some early BO3 success. Top tier chokeboi.
The difference in his ability in BO3 and BO5 really is shocking. I wonder if it has to do with his diabetes, making his stamina a point of issue. Or maybe his head is just not screwed on right.

He had his chance in the era of the old GOATs. It wasn't easy per se, but it never is. And now his chance is probably gone. Sad.