IsoSpeed Cream


I've used Cream 1.28 on and off for about a year now, mostly as a main string in a hybrid.

It's nearly as powerful as synthetic gut as the main string in an unlocked string bed. Cream mains with a slick poly cross seems to work pretty well. Monogut ZX crosses seems to saw into Cream and lock up the string bed quickly. Most synthetic gut crosses will also lock up the string bed except Prince Lightning Pro so far (only 2 hours in on my current string job). Cream in a locked string bed gives me elbow issues very quickly regardless of how soft the cross is.

Full bed Cream is a bit weird. The strings don't quite lock up but also don't move around that freely, so the launch angle is in between full bed synthetic gut and full bed poly but there also isn't much snapback (read: spin) either.


Play full bed in Clash 100 and Blade 98 v7 16x19. Have it at 42lbs in the blade and love the pocketing feel I get from it. Better feel than Tour Bite Soft IMO, but less durability. Quite a lot more spin than a multi, like NRG or Sensation, but noticeably less spin than TB Soft. More crisp feel than TB Soft or a multi in these frames too.

Usually break in 5 hours or less In the Clash, but at least never have to worry about it becoming too springy and unplayable.

So love it for feel and ample spin and comfort, but just not the most durable.


My favorite setup for my Clash Tour is Diadem Solstice Black in the mains (edgy poly) and Cream in the crosses. I get a nice feel from this setup and nice SnapBack which gives me great spin. I string it at 45lbs. Isospeed on its own gives nice SnapBack but I get better spin with a Solstice or Tour Bite.


It's my go to cross in gut/poly hybrid. I play with low powered control frames mostly so Cream gives me a bit more oomph than a firm poly like 4G. I like the comfort as well.

Good option for people that want a comfortable higher powered polyester. Good access to spin but a bit more horsepower under the hood.


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I'll chime in with a vote for Cream being a great soft cross to:

Velocity (low powered multi) - Cream enhances the spin and adds a touch more power
Nat Gut - Cream tames the power a bit and enhances the spin


I also use Cream as a cross for VS Touch. I like it as a soft poly option for this purpose.

I wish it were a bit more slippery as compared to other cross strings. I do not like it in a full bed.
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i tried it out as a cross to pair with volkl cyclone tour. thought feel was good, spin was ok but not great and broke a good deal sooner than other poly's. (broke first as the cross with VCT although was using 16 gauge VCT and 17 gauge ISO cream)


I have been using Cream 16 in the mains at 50lb with Alpha Gut 2000 17 in the crosses at 52lb. Nice mix of power and control. So far, after 3-4 outings, it feels like it's stable, and not locking up at all. Mains still snap back freely, and there seems to be almost no wear on the strings. I had it strung lower but it was too powerful - so tightening it up helped a good deal. This is in a VCore Tour 89 (16x20). I plan to leave it in till it breaks or becomes unplayable.