Isospeed REXXXER - New oval poly on the market



From Isospeed website:
REXXXER is a loud monofil string for pros and advanced players.

The elastic material-mix allows fast, controlled hits and helps the player to impose an aggressive style of play on the opponent.

The oval conception gives the string extra control and spin.

Rookies: Hands off this monster!
A different approach for sure. I´ve never heard of oval poly. It is also quite expensive.


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Slightly skeptical, but this definitely sounds interesting. Certainly a new and potentially good idea for string shape. Do keep us updated on how it plays!


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From Isospeed website:

A different approach for sure. I´ve never heard of oval poly. It is also quite expensive.
If you refer to oval shape as new you are mistaken. There were strings like that before. Toalson Zero Crush for example.

You wouldn't believe how many things were already on the market but didn't catch on.


I am trying Gosen Polymaster II these days -- rectangular profile as on the picture from Automatix.
As a main, it did not generate any notable spin. Nothing stood out at all. In fact, spin was kind of weak, compared to many polies I am using.
As a cross, it is quite good. Mains slide on it pretty well, and always return into position. No string movement whatsoever. No notching. On week 2 of hitting, practically daily. Impressed with this so far.
Stringing was very difficult: you do not want it to twist. Getting it to lie uniformly flat across the entire bed took some finagling.
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Anyone try this stuff? TW doesn't have it.
I've got a reel of REXXXER headed my way. I'll try it as a cross with 1.30 natural gut (VS or Klip) - 55/51 is what I'm thinking. Depending on how that plays, maybe I'll then try Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour mains, REXXXER crosses, 49/46 or 48/45? On my second VCP 97HD. Though BHS7T's edges feel rather sharp, which concerns me. Next poly/poly pair on my list to try is Tier One Black Knight 1.23 with Kirschbaum Max Power 1.20 at 48/45. But I digress.

As for fullbed or as mains, I'm not sure... I'll see how it looks in person. Kirschbaum Max Power as a cross has made me happy in recent weeks. I'm hoping oval will satiate the desire for an uncommon 'shape', while playing a bit more predictably than other shaped strings I like.

Though I may be getting ahead of myself, as I don't know how long Fedex takes these days getting parcels to the States. Nevertheless, I'm open to ideas. I will say that I feel I'm very close to finding "my" poly(s) [one shaped, one round], or at least to settling on what I will stick with next year. Uhhh, to be more concise - there's a chance I actually won't try out suggestions, unless certain things align.

... All of my blithering, blathering on made me realize just how impulsive of a purchase I made, haha. I wasn't expecting the offer that presented itself to me and I just couldn't pass on it. I do have a plan for what to do with the reel should I find I can't play with it for whatever reason (e.g., I dislike it), at least. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯