It would have been nice if Federer had won


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You know, I always thought it was mostly people from the North of England that say "sat" as the present tense instead of "sitting". Not gonna lie, it drives me absolutely up the wall whenever I hear people say it!!!! I mean you'd never hear someone say "I'm played tennis" so why on earth do people say "I'm sat"? Just one of those things I've never been able to get my head around despite coming from Manchester where quite frankly folk look at you like you're some kind of alien if you do come out with the correct tense. Sorry for rambling but it's just one of things that really bugs me lol.

You keep at 'em and never give up. One of the things that really gets on my t**s is when people say "he/she/they could OF" instead of "could HAVE" which is the correct expression of course. "Could OF" makes no grammatical sense whatsoever!!!

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I read the title of the thread in Matthew McConaughey's voice.

Say, Roger. You got a Wimbledon trophy?

No, I got 8.

Federer winning sounds nice, but personally I would have preferred that Nadal won :laughing:


Congrats to Nole though, and my condolences to Rog and his fans. He's still the GOAT...for now :sneaky:
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Those guys are tougher competition than any non-big 3 player fed faced in finals (yes even tougher than roddick on grass)

Federer is undefeated in slam finals versus Murray.
Wawrinka went 3-1 vs Djokovic at the slams from 2014 - 2016, but went 1-3 vs Federer from 2014 - 2017.

Isn't it ironic that post-peak/prime Federer performed better against the "tougher competition" than peak/prime Djokovic did.


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I'm done following professional tennis. At least for a while. I wonder if a Federer loss could be a legitimate cause of PTSS. I'll focus on playing tennis for a while. At least I have control over how my matches go. And I don't waste match points and break points like Roger does.


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Only on TTW can Federer be faulted for basically only losing to ATG. How does that vs Others look on Djok's end? Lol

Djok is 8-4 versus others but 8-5 against other members of the Big 3. Federer is 4-10 against members of the Big 3. So Djok looks pretty good from where I'm sitting. ;)