ITA Indoors

Any idea when the draw will come out?

Teams by league:
ACC: NC State, UNC, Wake
Big10: Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin (host)
Big12: Baylor, TCU, Texas,
Pac12: Stanford, UCLA, USC
SEC: Florida, S Carolina, Texas A&M
Other: Columbia (Ivy)
The best spectacle in college tennis now with the NCAA's being reduced to 8 teams. You will get all the tennis you can handle. 12 hour days each day if you want.
Draw is out:
Ohio State - Wisc
Baylor - Wake

Florida - Columbia
UNC - S Carolina

Michigan - A&M

Stanford - NC State


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UNC vs OSU in the Semi's will be an interesting match up....I am in the camp that UNC might be a better team than USC or Texas....I would expect OSU and Texas to be in the finals...

A&M and Michigan will be a match to watch first round, Michigan has been playing well this year
And NC State has been strong so far, interested to see them...
streaming down for anyone else? Was watching UCLA-UT dubs and then came back and the feeds are all gone from the playsight website....

Liam Grennon

UT bumped Ito to three doubles, Woldeab to one doubles and Huang to two doubles, and lost the doubles point fairly easily 1/2 doubles.
Michigan #2 was down 1-6, 0-4 and has won the second set 6-4 and will be the deciding court

Two breakers between Texas and UCLA to make this go the distance


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I mean he is holding the racket and hitting the ball - whether he is playing tennis I do not know.
serving for the set. Twice at 5:4 and 6:5. Still lost :(
I’m legitimately upset that someone beat me to one of my Talk TW specialties - taking cracks at Geller


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I’m legitimately upset that someone beat me to one of my Talk TW specialties - taking cracks at Geller
hey, I'm not taking cracks at anyone. Just saying what I'm seeing.......
I think Axel just does not want to play tennis anymore in the sense he does not embrace competition. He seems burned out a bit. And you know what - it is perfectly fine. Doesn't help Stanford team though.
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Liam Grennon

Very surprised that USC is not winning their match handily......
TCU is tough indoors and I am not shocked they snagged the doubles point. Fomba is good but I think #2 singles should have been a lock for USC...My guess is they close out four and holt turns it on to break for the match. Still not very impressed with how USC has been playing. I think UNC would have been the right team to seed at 2, but to be fair thye have yet to play a top 5 team.